Ultra Replica: Ultra Zero Eye & Ultra Zero Bracelet P-Bandai Exclusive

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The Ultra Zero Eye is Ultraman Zero’s transformation device that’s designed after his father’s Ultra Eye. The Ultra Replica Ultra Zero Eye features a replica of the prop used in the TV series and includes textures and paint applications on both the front and back sides. Just like the DX toy release, it has two modes: the Zero Eye and Gun Modes.

In Zero Eye Mode, pressing the top button will transform the user into Ultraman Zero. By folding the Zero Eye, Gun Mode can be achieved. Pressing the trigger will play various lights and sounds. This Ultra Replica release includes 4 theme songs and BGM. Pressing the trigger will activate the BGM. In addition, Mamoru Miyano, who plays Ultraman Zero, recorded 45 voice lines for this special release.

The set comes with the Ultra Replica Ultra Zero Eye, Ultra Replica Ultra Zero Bracelet, a stand for the Ultra Replica Ultra Zero Eye, a stand for the Ultra Replica Ultra Zero Bracelet, and an instruction manual. The Ultra Zero Eye requires two LR44 batteries (included) and the Ultra Zero Bracelet requires three LR44 batteries (included). The Ultra Zero Eye measures about 75 mm in height × about 180 mm in width × about 61 mm in diameter. The Ultra Zero Bracelet measures about 48 mm in height × about 79 mm in width × about 80 mm in diameter. The Ultra Zero Eye dedicated stand measures about 35 mm in height × about 124 mm in width × about 70 mm in diameter. The Ultra Zero bracelet dedicated stand measures about 58 mm in height × about 90 mm in width × about 94 mm in diameter. All items are made of ABS/PC plastic.