GX-100 Divine Demon-Dragon Gaiking: Gaiking & Daiku Maryu

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The largest Soul of Chogokin in history -- Gaiking and the Daiku Maryu, portrayed at a scale never before seen! Gaiking is formed from three detachable units and stands nearly 7 inches when combined.  The Daiku Maryu stretches an incredible 29.5 inches nose to tail, and accommodates all of Gaiking's components: Part 1 and Par2 inside, and Part 3 forming the head! Daiku Maryu also includes hangars for "micro-Popinika" of the Skyler, Nessar, and Bazoler support machines. An embedded chip allows you to playback the opening and ending themes from the show.  And the Daiku Maryu can curl up into Volution Protect mode. This is the ultimate luxury item for super robot collectors! 

  • Gaiking: 6.88 inches (17.5cm) 
  • Daiku Mayru: 29.52 inches (75cm)
  • Made of ABS, PVC, and Diecast
  • Based on the Divine Demon-Dragon Gaiking Super Robot mecha anime series
  • The largest Soul of Chogokin in history
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

  • Gaiking Body
    • 2 hand parts
    • Display stand and support rod
  • Daiku Maryu Body
    • Claw options (Left/Right)
    • 4 Option rings
    • Mount for Part 3 (Gaiking Chest)
  • Micro-Popinika Skyler
  • Micro-Popinikia Bazoler
  • Micro-Popinika Nessar
  • Instructions
  • 3 LR44 Batteries (for Try-Me)