Transformers Legends: LG44 - Sharkticon & Sweeps

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Takara presents LG44 Sharkticon & Sweeps for their Transformers Legends lineup!

This LG44 Sharkticon is a redeco of the Titans Return Gnaw figure. Included with Sharkticon is a Sweeps figure; a redo and retool of Titans Return Fracas. Sweeps can be used as a headmaster for the LG26 Scourge or any other deluxe or larger Titans Return or Legends figures. 

  • From the Transformers series
  • Featuring Sharkticon as an articulated figure
  • Converts from robot to a shark monster
  • Includes Sweeps figure that can be used as a headmaster
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation
  • Legends Sharkticon figure
  • Headmaster Sweeps figure