Transformers Go!: G05 Gekisomaru

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Gekisoumaru is on the Swordbot Shinobi Team and transforms from a ninja style robot into a lion, and his third mode forms the top, middle, or bottom of the Swordbot Samurai Team's three combined robot forms (GoGekisou, GoSensui, and GoHishou). Two pieces of Gekisoumaru's beast mode detach to form kunai-style swords that can be stored on his shoulders or attached to his "Vivit Bute" whip weapon. The Kabuto helmet forms the GoGekisou super-robot head and can be combined with the other two kabuto to form a cannon weapon or shield. Gekisoumaru's kabuto can also transform into a small rocket that can store on his back in robot mode or attach to his head in beast mode. Gekisoumaru features electronic lights and sounds that are unique to each mode. Combined version sounds and lights will vary depending on which figure is forming the head/torso of the combined robot.

Triple Combination: Transformers Go! is an animated series created to promote the new characters in the Transformers Go! toyline by Takara. The storyline takes place after events in the Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters series. An incident at Mount Fuji unearths the Demon Emperor of the Predacons, Dragotron which also awakens his minions known as the Four Oni, who seek to restore their master to full power. In response to this new threat, two three-member teams of Autobot Combiners known as Swordbot Samurai Team and Swordbot Shinobi Team, answer the call of two human boys to battle the Predacons. Guided by Optimus Prime, the teams strive to find the remaining mystical items, the Legendiscs, and keep them out of the hands of the evil Predacons.

  • From Transformers Go!
  • Made of plastic
  • Transforms from a ninja style robot into a lion
  • Combines with G20 Sensuimaru and G10 Hishomaru to form three different super-robots: GoGekiso, GoHisho, and GoSensui
  • ​Instructions may or may not include English translation
  • Gekisomaru figure
  • Two Kunai swords
  • "Vivit Bute" whip
  • Kabuto helmet/weapon