Star Wars Special Edition 300th Figure: Boba Fett

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The galaxy's most infamous and dangerous bounty hunter - as well as its most expensive - Boba Fett is a stoic hunter who is feared throughout the universe, and for good reason, An intimidating presence whose background is shrouded in mystery, Boba Fett furthers his mystique by masking his true identity behind modified Mandalorian armor.

In 1977, Star Wars magically transported millions of movie-goers to a galaxy far, far away. With its 3-3/4" scale figures, Kenner allowed kids of all ages to take pieces of that galaxy into their own homes and forever changed the way children play with toys. As the Star Wars saga expanded and evolved over the last twenty + years, so did Hasbro-Kenner's action figure lines. It is with great pleasure that we celebrate these decades of fun with this Special Edition Star Wars 300th 3-3/4" figure.