Sousai Shoujo Teien St. Iris Gakuen Girls' High School - Summer Clothes Saeki Ritsuka (Dreaming Style Noble Rose Ver.) 1/10

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Like a blank canvas, we are full of dreams and possibilities.

Building and coloring are the themes that encompass Sousai Shoujo Teien, a model kit line featuring high school girls living their everyday lives designed by the popular Japanese illustrator, En Morikura.

The number of parts required to assemble this model kit is fewer than that of a normal plastic model kit, making it easy to assemble for new and old fans alike.

4 pre-painted face parts, 3 hairstyle parts, and 3 skirt parts with varying designs are included in this model kit for a myriad of customization options; a perfect continuation to this series.

This Dreaming Style rendition includes a new skirt part in a deeper shade of red and the light purple hair tied up in a black ribbon gives a more mature look for this model. Users can enjoy this new elegant color scheme that is fitting of the name “Noble Rose”!

Other accessories not included

  • 6.2 inches (15.7cm)
  • 1/10 Scale
  • Made of PS, ABS, POM, and PVC
  • Part of the original Sousai Shoujo Teien figure series
  • Created by Japanese illustrator En Morikura
  • Easy assembly with customizable pieces
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

  • Pieces to build
    • Saeki Ritsuka
    • 4 Face plates
    • 7 Pairs of hands
    • 3 Hair style parts
    • 3 Skirt parts
    • School bag
    • Cell phone
  • Instructions