Rurouni Kenshin Wandering Samurai Battle in the Moonlight English Dub VHS

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As the battle between Kenshin and Sanosuke ends, an alliance is formed. Kenshin faces a new dilemma; to defeat his adversary he must violate everything he has come to stand for. We also meet Megumi, a woman who is being chased by a drug dealer's henchmen. Kenshin and Sanosuke come to her rescue.

Saga 5: The Reversed-Blade Sword Vs. The Zambatou
Sanosuke reminisces about why he needed to fight Kenshin, a former Imperialist, while Kenshin reveals the secret behind Sanosuke's grudge. What the world took for granted concerning the group that Sanosuke believed was his second home was not exactly true - and the two men duel once again to make it clear within their heads which belief is stronger.

Saga 6: The Appearance of Kurogasa
The police return to the school but this time to ask a favor of Kenshin. A ruthless serial murderer has been slaying Imperialist politicians left and right, and the police could not stop the murderer. Kenshin and Sanosuke accept the offer to stop the murderer known as Kurogasa.

Saga 7: Deathmatch Under the Moon
Kurogasa takes Kaoru hostage right in hopes that it will turn him back into "Battousai". Kurogasa's hopes are somewhat granted when Kenshin arrives - and his voice is totally different from Kaoru has seen before! Will Kenshin really lose what he had fought for, and go back to being a ruthless murderer?

Saga 8: A New Battle
Sanosuke drags Kenshin out to play dice with his old friends, only to learn that one of them died from an opium addiction. A woman runs into their house seeking help from men who are chasing her. Sanosuke and Kenshin manage to ward off the bodyguards, and listen to her story. Protecting Megumi invokes aggression from the powerful Oniwaban Group...