Revoltech Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Series No. 060 Enki

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Condition: In box Opened. Instruction manual missing

Here comes Gurren Lagann's rival Enki as a sharp Revoltech action figure! Resembling an armored samurai, 13.5cm Enki features an incredible 55 points of articulation for a world of posing possibilities! Its weapons and accessories include an interchangeable weapon chest part, a pair of Enki missile attachments, two Enki swords and holders, a Lagann head, forehead attachment, and four optional hands. A custom display base with joint arm is included to assist with dynamic poses. Also included is a pair of wings that can be combined with the base part that comes with Revoltech Lazengann to complete the special Gurren Wing accessory for use with Revoltech Gurren Lagann! (Revoltech Lazengann and Revoltech Gurren Lagann are sold separately.)