One Piece Grand Ship Collection #015 - Thousand Sunny Flying Mode

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The Sunny of the emperor penguin's appearance in the movie version "ONE PIECE STAMPEDE" soars in the sky!

BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division and Toei Animation's original design!

The emperor penguin's mask parts are divided and reproduced with eye stickers and colorful color coding!

The Pirates' mark is reproduced with Kainas stickers!

Penguin's wings are movable! A cute tail part reminiscent of a penguin is included.

Emperor Penguin's foot parts are also cutely reproduced!

Two types of display bases are included, one for display and one for display in flight. A wavefront effect is also included.

  • Penguin wings x 1 set
  • Gaon cannon reinforcement parts x 1
  • Emperor penguin mask parts x 1
  • Feet parts x 1 set
  • Wave front effect x 1 set
  • Display base x 2

  • Molded product x 9
  • Foil sticker x 1
  • Cainus sticker x 1
  • Instruction manual x 1