One Piece Grand Ship Collection #010 - Baratie

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Build this model of Baratie from "One Piece" and add it to your lineup! Snap-fit assembly makes building it a breeze, and it's molded in different colors; stickers are included for markings.

The 10th series of the series "Baratie" that Sanji has become "Fucking" commercialized! The maritime restaurant ship "Baratie" appears in the Great Ship Collection.

  • Reproduce the deployment gimmick of the fins on the bottom of the ship.
  • The bottom of the ship is detachable, and the included sea surface effect can be attached in either state.
  • Restaurant "Baratie" floating on the sea. The ship that Sanji used to cook.
  • The scene where Sanji departs is still very popular, and if you like ONE PIECE, you will definitely want to have it.