Microman Lupin the 3rd: ML-SP01 Lupin VS Microman Set

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Lupin VS Microman Set from "Lupin III" is now available in the Micro Action Series!
This is a collaboration product between "Lupin III" and Microman to commemorate the 40th anniversary series Lupin III.
The design of the figures and weapons are based on the first movie, Lupin vs a replica of the human doll," which was released in 1978.
With a movable body at 37 places and 12 kinds of wrists, you can make various poses.
It comes with a multi-purpose display stand that can re-create aerial scenes.

Set Contents : Lupin III Body, Microclone Lupin, Lupin III Dedicated Gun, Microclone Lupin Dedicated Sickle / Gun x 1 each,
Replacement Wrist for Lupin III x 11 each, Replacement Wrist for Microclone Lupin x 11 each, Stand Set x 2
Size : Lupin III / Total Height approx. 10.5 cm