MAFEX No.098 Evangelion 2.0: EVA Unit-00

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Evangelion Unit-00 from "Rebuild of Evangelion" vaults into the MAFEX action figure lineup from Medicom! With the incredible MAFEX jointing system, it'll be able to get into just about any pose you can come up with, and it's got lots of extra interchangeable hands too, as well as interchangeable bandaged arms and legs. Its pallet rifle and Large Scale N2 ICBM are also included, as is a detachable umbilical cable, an entry plug, and a stand for airborne poses.

  • 7.48 inche (19cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From the Rebuild of Evangelion film series
  • Incredible MAFEX jointing system
  • Detachable umbilical cable

  • EVA Unit-00 figure
  • Interchangeable hands
  • Interchangeable bandaged arms and legs
  • Pallet rifle
  • Large Scale N2 ICBM
  • Umbilical cable
  • Entry plug
  • Stand for airborne poses