Kamen Rider Saber DX: Seiken Swordriver & Suiseiken Nagare Emblem & Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book

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This great set of transformation items from "Kamen Rider Saber" is ready to help you transform into Kamen Rider Saber Brave Dragon and Kamen Rider Blaze Lion Senki! Set the Wonder Ride book on the Saw Driver Buckle to open the page and transform! The title of the book will be announced when you press the button, and you'll hear the story sound when you open the page. It's loads of fun for just about anyone -- order yours today!


  • Saw Driver Buckle
  • Flame Sword Fierce Fire
  • Belt
  • Miseki Kenryu Water Emblem
  • Brave Dragon Wonder Ride Book
  • Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book