Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Standard - Vegeta (New Spec Ver.)

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The second in the "NEW SPEC" series with extreme range of motion and beautiful modeling! Vegeta from "Dragon Ball Z" (NEW SPEC Ver.) appeared!

Muscle Build System is powered up! "Muscle Build System PLUS" is newly installed. Thorough verification of human body structure. Pursuit of reality in details from muscle ridges to fingertips. 

Advanced shoulder drawer structure improves range of motion. Details are also applied to the parts hidden in the suit to express muscles. Joint structure that does not make gaps caused by movement noticeable. Even with bold poses, the lines of the body do not collapse. The range of motion of the joints of the chest, torso, and hips realizes natural posing by providing clearance.

Expresses coloring only with molding color. Just assemble it and get a colorful finish. The characteristic arm braids are reproduced by replacing parts. Thorough pursuit of the ideal way of looking as a three-dimensional object. You can express impressive scenes in the play with abundant facial expressions, hand parts, and other accessories.


  • Made of pastic
  • Based on the Dragon Ball Z anime
  • Part of the Figure-rise Standard series
  • Highly articulated
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation
  • Pieces to build
    • Vegeta (New Spec Ver.)
    • 4 Expression parts
    • 5 Pairs of hand parts
    • Arm crossed parts
    • Display pedestal
  • Instructions