D-Style Transformers: Skywarp & Thundercracker Plastic Model Kit Two Pack

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Plastic Model Kit
Size: Approx. 3.90" (H100mm) (NON Scale)
Material: PS, PE

Skywarp is based on black and purple, and Thundercracker is based on blue, and gray color. The colors are recreated by mold color, pre-painted parts and set included stickers.

-Face part comes in 3 different expression types; standard, grinning and shouting face. Shouting face can be used with previously released Megatron to create "being scolded" face. It can also be used as combat face.
-The chest hatch is articulated and it can be made into missile pod firing mode.
-Set includes vehicle mode imaged jet planes.
-The Destron emblem on the wing is achieved by sticking set included sticker.
-The item is compatible with separately sold bases such as Flying Base Neo.