Craft Grip Series Tapered Plastic Nippers 120mm GH-CPN-120-S

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Easy grip and high durability. The "Craft Grip Series" has a lineup that can be selected according to the application.
Adopts an easy-to-grip grip designed to fit the palm of your hand.
Your hands won't hurt even if you use it for a long time, and you can hold it stably.
Adopts a three-layer sandwich (three-layer sandwich) structure.
Since it is difficult to generate twisting force when cutting, it is less likely to become rattled.
Uses leaf springs with moderate elasticity and high durability.
It also serves as a stopper to prevent the grip from spreading too much.

  • "Tapered plastic nippers" are double-edged nippers for plastics with a tapered tip.
  • Applicable wire material: Plastic Φ3.0mm or less (metal wire cannot be cut)
  • Adopts a flat blade (flat blade surface) structure. By cutting with the blade in close contact with the surface of the part, the cut marks will be flattened.
  • The 28° angle of inclination of the blade makes it easy to insert the blade into the gaps between parts.