Arcanadea - Velretta

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"If you want to do it, can you engage? And there is no choice!"

From the new Kotobukiya series "Arcanadia" based on "SF x fantasy," the devil-type Dears Velretta is now available as a plastic model.

The illustrations drawn by the popular illustrator "necömi," who is widely used in game illustrations and VTuber character design, have been made into three-dimensional figures.

By recombining the parts dedicated to each part, it is possible to reproduce two types of forms, the non-combat state "normal mode" and the combat state "willize mode" with one product.

The split design of each part adopts a 3mm joint, and you can enjoy it in combination with the Kotobukiya original series so far.

  • 5.82 inches (14.78cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Part of Kotobukiya's Arcanadea series
  • Based on illustration by artist necomi
  • Includes pieces to change from "Normal Mode" to "Wilize (Combat) Mode"
  • Compatible with from the Frame Arms Girl Series

  • Pieces to build
    • Velretta
    • 4 Face parts
    • 5 Pairs of hands
    • Pair of wings
    • Umbrella lance
    • Armor
    • Stand
  • Instructions