Apocalypse Zero S.H. Figuarts: Reinforced Exoskeleton 0 - Final Phase - Exclusive

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Condition: In box/Opened

Now available is a special limited edition version of the "Reinforced Exoskeleton 0" by S.H. Figuarts!

This is a special version that reproduces 0 from the climax "Battle of Bloodshed Island" based on "Apocalypse Zero".
The abdomen is wrapped with a scarf. The right arm can be replaced with a red-hot state and the left arm can be replaced with a bandage state.
It also comes with the fan's long-awaited "Hagakure Resolution" head as a bonus part.
In addition, it also comes with a pedestal "Soul STAGE 0 style"

Size : total height approx. 145 mm