1925 Attack on Titan: Colossal Titan Renewal Set

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"That day, humanity remembered... the terror of being ruled by them."

From the anime series "Attack on Titan", the Nendoroid of the Colossal Giant that overcame the wall protecting humanity is back!

The Nendoroid comes with two face plates including a realistic face that resembles its face from the series as well as a chibi face designed for the Nendoroid! The Titan that ate Carla and a 15-meter class titan are included as miniature Titans to help bring out the tense atmosphere from the series. Miniature humans and even a broken wall are as well! Enjoy displaying the titan and human miniatures to captured the world of Attack on Titan in Nendoroid form!

  • 3.94 inches (10cm) 
  • Made of plastic 
  • Based on the final season of the Attack on Titan anime series
  • Part of the Nendoroid lineup
  • Includes several accessories for added customization

  • Colossal Titan figure
  • Alternate face
  • Pair of alternate arms
  • Pair of alternate hands
  • Joint part
  • Titan that ate Carla figure
  • 15-meter class titan figure
  • 3 Small houses
  • 3 Miniature figures
  • Wall piece
  • Base
  • Arm joint
  • 4 Base joints